44th north sea operators' Claims Conference postponed to October 2021

Dear All,

We hope you, your family and colleagues are all well in these challenging times. 

We were looking forward to the 44th north sea operators' Claims Conference which was scheduled to be hosted by Color Line onboard "Color Fantasy" 5 – 7 October 2020. In fact, the accommodations and facilities has been booked and the complete conference program is ready to be published.

We were hoping that the unprecedented times dominated by Covid-19 would have been resolved by now. However, we are still living with many restrictions and requirement for social distancing which will make it difficult to arrange a conference within the space we have available. As the conference also has an important social element with the interaction between the participants, this would be compromised by the restrictions which are still likely to apply in October. We have also been informed that a number of the delegates will not be allowed by their companies to travel to the conference. We also assume there may be travel restrictions for the delegates which will arrive from more than 10 different countries which may further limit the number of delegate able to attend in October 2020.

As the conference requires the support of our delegates in order to be sustainable and give value to the network that the conference represents, it is with regret and sadness that the board of north sea operators' Claims Conference has decided to postpone this year's conference in order not to compromise the safety of our delegates, contributors and host. We will however copy the arrangements already made for this year's conference and defer it to a future year when it will be safe for us to meet and enjoy the conference.

We are very disappointed to make this announcement, but hope to have your understanding for our decision and support for reattending the next conference when it will safe for us to travel and organise our conference.

We wish you all the best. Please take care and stay safe.

For the board of north sea operators' Claims Conference,

Rune Dybedal Chairman

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