NSOCC History

The beginning

How and why did the North Sea Operators' Claims Conference start?

The origins of the Conference began with a meeting of a number of Scandinavian shipping lines and some of their insurers the 30th March 1976 at Gothenburg, for the Establishment of rules for settlement of claims in respect of articles of transport.

Two side meetings related but not properly nsocc were held later on at London: 2nd June 1976 North Sea Club Conference and 8th June 1976 Harmonisation Freight Conference.

Finally, the 11th and 12th October 1976 at Kungälv, Sweden took place the very first North Sea Operator´s Claims Conference. That meeting was what we today referred to as “nsocc 0”.

The architect of the Conference, and founder member, was Max Slotte, a lawyer working, in those days for Tor Line. The Conference was his brainchild and the other founder members were enrolled having been approached by Mr. Slotte.

Max Slotte has a lifetime in shipping business since 1953:

At sea for nine years between 1953 and 1967, he started as a deckhand in old steamers and ended his seagoing career as a chief officer in liner trade.

1963 Master Mariner from the Nautical College of Aland Islands.

1967 LL.B. at the University of Stockholm and thereafter service as a court clerk.

1969 – 1982 In-house lawyer Tor Line AB

1976 North Sea Operators' Claims Conference.

1982 – 1989 Lagerlöf & Leman, Dr. Philip Lemans Advokatbyrå AB

1989 – 2015 Setterwalls Advokatbyrå.

2015 Advokatfirman Morris AB (Morris Law), Senior Counsel

The Conference progress



Location (Country) [Host]

Major Highlights

Oct 10/11

Kungälv (Sweden)
[Tor Line]

Guidelines for the settlement of claims - The Blue Card*.

Sept 12/14

Ipswich (United Kingdom)
[Tor Line]

Uniform condition reports.
Trade cars guidelines.

Oct 11/13

Fanø (Denmark)
[Tor Line]

First draft of the North Sea Standard Conditions of Carriage. This was considered, and still is, a first as no other organisation in the North Sea and Baltic areas had, or still has, produced any other standard conditions.

Nov 7/9

Rockanje (Netherland)
[Tor Line]

Production of the North Sea Standard Conditions of Carriage.

Oct 15/17

Sandefjord (Norway)
[Tor Line]

Adoption of NSSCC, with amendments to clauses 4, 11, 12, 17, 21.

Oct 13/15

"Peter Pan" Travemünde



The following subjects were then discussed in accordance with the agenda:- Rules relating to passengers and passengers' belongings and vehicles on board cargo ferries. The TOR MERCIA case from Sweden's Supreme Court. The duty of the shipper to examine the article of transport before loading in cases where the Line has supplied the article of transport. Rules regarding liens on goods as well as goods in articles of transport. Shipper's right to set-off for alleged damage or loss against freight payable. Problems for the carrier in holding liable a party responsible for damage or loss in combined transport operations. Mr. Slotte expressed his desire to relinquish his position as Chairman owing to the uncertainty of his future committments. Mr. Davison proposed that the chair should in future be held by the representative of whichever member hosted a meeting. Mr. Kuusniemi was therefore proposed as Chairman in 1982, and he accepted the appointment, which was unanimously approved by the meeting. 

Sept 7/9

"MS Finlandia"


Stevedoring liability regimes in various countries.
Permanent conference Secretariat formed.
General liability clause produced for inclusion in stevedoring contracts.

Sept 20/22

Antwerp (Belgium)
[Marine Claims Bureau]

NSSCC presented to the ICC for approval.

Sept 19/21

"MS Kronprinsessan Victoria"


Beginning of discussions on jurisdiction clauses.

Oct 10/11

Ch. de Maffliers Val d'Oise (France)

Blue card amended.
NSSCC Clauses 11, 13 & 17 amended.
Drafting of a standard set of clauses for Passenger conditions commenced.

Oct 1/3

Brockenhurst (United Kingdom)
[United Baltic]

Discussion on the carriage of dangerous goods.
Discussion on the exercise of lien in multimodal transport.

Oct 7/9

"MS Dana Gloria"

Final amendment to NSSCC and the inclusion of dangerous goods clauses as per
IMDG completed for issue as 1 January 1988 version.

Oct 5/7

Vlissingen (Netherland)

Dangerous goods clause updated to accord with amendment 24 of IMDG.

Oct 9/11

Bergen (Norway)
[Nor Cargo]

Max Slotted retired as Secretary of the Conference, after 15 years of service.
Discussion on the Hamburg Rules.
The position of Vice-Chairman to the conference, created.

Oct 16/18

"MS Hamburg"

Position of the Chairman & Secretary, made permanent. Vice-Chairman position, made re-electable.

Oct 15/17

Kiliney (Ireland)

Blue and Yellow cards revised.

Sept 21/23

"MS Silja Serenade"


NSOCC Ties and Scarves made available for delegates.
Law and Jurisdiction clause amendments unanimously rejected as a standard.
Individual members may use modified versions of NSSCC providing NSSCC not stated.

Sept 20/22

"MS Danielle Casanova"
(France-Corsica )

Criteria for conference membership established, to include any retired Conference member.

Oct 10/12

Lumley Castle, Newcastle, Chester-Ie-Street (United Kingdom)
[North of England P &I]

Working party to amend NSSCC in line with the new Nordic Maritime Code.
(See appendix 2 for the amended version). John Nicholls appointed as Vice-Chairman.

Sept 11/13

Royal Christiania Hotel, Oslo (Norway)
[Fred Olsen & Co]

NSSCC amended to incorporate Nordic Maritime Codes, amendment 27 of IMDG and Time Bar in combined transport reduced from 11 to 9 months in line with 1995 version of Combiconbill. Lapel badges/Scarf pins available for the first time.

Oct 7/9

Sofitel / Europlaza, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
[West of England Ins Srvs]

Discussion on a requested modification of clause 7.2 (deck Cargo) of NSSCC. No change recommended. Update of Incorporation clause for Non-negotiable waybills to include applicable law (Nordic Maritime Codes). Mike Stamford retired as Joint Vice-Chairman of Conference

Sept 29/Oct1

Inntel, Rotterdam
[Post & Co (P & I) BV & Stena
Line (Holland) BV]

Barry McGee and Marion Hall, Andrew Weir Shipping, retired as Chairman and Secretary at the end of the Conference. John Nicholls and Sally Brice, elected as Chairman and Secretary. Discussion on Gencon 94 and the law as applied in Belgium. Presentation from round the world yacht's persons ("Toshiba Wave Warrior").
Per Kristiansson, Tor Line AB, elected Vice-Chairman.

Sept 28/30

Cardiff Bay Hotel (Wales)
[Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd]

The need to update the Blue Card was identified. Working party to present new draft document at 1999 conference. Request for discussion on Carriers Liability Act (immigration).

Sept 27/29

Lubeck (Germany)
[TTLine GmbH)

Approval of revised Blue and Yellow card.

Sept 18/20

Oxford (UK)
[Thomas Cooper & Stibbard]

Revising the North Sea Standard Conditions of Carriage.

Sept 17/19

Gothenburg (Sweden)
[DFDS Tor Line A/S]

1. Shipping & claims handling in an electronic environment
2. Mediation

Sept 23/25

Antwerp (Belgium)
[TT Club]

1. The problem of stowaways (P. Bartolo).
2. Changes in Intermodal Transport.
3. Suing under a bill of lading / jurisdiction.

Sept 15/17

Copenhagen (Denmark)
[Scandlines & SKULD]

1. Latest update on CMR.
2. Clarification ISPS Code / Port Security, the EU-view.
John Nicholls retired as Chairman.  Thomas Bjorn Larsen, SKULD CPH, elected Chairman.

Sept 27/29

St. Malo (France)
[Holman Fenwick & Willan]

Overview of the ISPS Code: ISPS Practical Problems for Ships. Port Security Crew and Third Parties. ISPS and Charter Parties, Special Regimes for US and Canadian Cargo. P&I Aspects. Multi-modal Carriage and ISPS. ISPS and Sea-going Hooligan (Oil / ballast / bunker pollution at sea). Aida Kleinitz Schultz appointed as Conference Secretary. Conference Managing Board established, Vice-chairs: Kirsten Gade, SCANDLINES. Adry Poelmans, Van Doosselaere. Andres Sanchez-Marin appointed, Treasurer Manager of Conference.

Oct 3/5

Edinburgh (Scotland)
[UK Mutual Steam Ship Association (Bermuda) Ltd]
[Brodies Solicitors, Edinburgh]
[Henderson Boyd Jackson]

The changing world of short sea transport, the contractual matrixes that operators are faced with, liability regimes that shift from mode of transport and from country to country.

Sept 25/27

Brugge (Belgium)

Update on developments in the Uncitral work on a door-to-Door Convention. Logistics Contracts, Insurance possibilities beyond ordinary liability, Insurance for carriage, limitation of liability and related issues. Customs law in Europe, carriers' liability for Customs & Excise

Sept 24/26

Bristol (UK)
[West of England Ins Srvs]

The new Budapest convention on inland navigation. Personal injuries: crew, passengers, stevedores. Amendments to SOLAS 2006. Risk management: customer and provider perspectives. Modern dispute resolution

Sept 21/24

Palanga (Lithuania)

The Bunkers convention. The Maritime Legal environment in Lithuania. The Uncitral Convention - A new regime likely to do away with The Hague Visby Rules. Panel discussion on the interplay of insurers.

Nov 23/25

Hamburg (Germany)
[SKULD Germany GMBH]

New developments in English insurance law, the role of the broker. Potential unlimited liabilities in bailment for “unintended goods”. Rotterdam Rules again and their compatibility with the North Sea Conditions of Carriage. NSOCC Blue and Yellow Card suggested changes. Blue Card / Green Card, Working group. Reefer Cargoes on vessels and the role of a surveyor acting for clubs and owners on Ro Ro casualties.

Sept 13/15

“MS Nordnorge” Hurtigruten, Bergen (Norway)

Securing of Cargo in Different Transport Modes. Ro Ro Operators' Liability for Goods Received on Terminal, also re. Rotterdam Rules. Blue Card / Green Card, working group, headed by Mr. Michel Vandenbroucke, reporting. Future of Conference. The Chairman, requesting input from delegates, how the conference should be shaped in the future: more of the same, evolution or revolution?

Sept 19/21

Rotterdam (Netherlands)
[Post & Co (P&I) B.V. / Transfennica / Van Harmelen Beijneveld Van Houten Adv.]

European Regulations and Transport. From Short Sea Shipping to Short Multimodal Transport. Claims and Liability Issues. Limitation of Liability - New issues. Container stacking problems in Shortsea. eCustoms and transport.

Sept 3/5

Lumley Castle, Newcastle, Chester-Ie-Street (United Kingdom)
[North of England P &I]

Marine Accident Prevention. Bridge Team Management. Passenger Incidents and Disorder on board: A Legal Framework.
Thomas Bjørn Larsen, Skuld Germany, retired as Chairman.  Andy Macrow, West of England, elected Chairman. Martynas Jonkus, AB DFDS, elected vice-Chairman. Adry Poelmans, Van Doosselaere, retired from the Managing Board. Jakob Gjølbo, Legalink Danmark A/S, elected in his place.

Sept 2/4

Gothenburg (Sweden)
[Stena Line AB]

Anti-competition issues. Maritime Resource Management. Claims in respect of temperature-controlled cargo. Impact of the Jackson Reforms. Consequential loss issues. Unlimited liability for Terminals in direct actions. Passenger issues arising from the PLR regime and EU Regulations on Passenger Rights.

Sept 8/9

Copenhagen (Denmark)
[Gorrissen Federspiel]

Dealing with a major casualty – a case study based on “LISCO GLORIA”. Passenger Compensation Claims. Wreck Removal update: The Nairobi Convention. Pilot Error. NSOCC issues: a) Green Card Problems – time for a change: is the future purple? b) Web-site c) NSOCC 2015. Kristen Gade, Scandlines, steps down as member of the board.

Sept 28/29

Bridgewood Manor, Chatham (United Kingdom)
[West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) S.A.]

The new BIMCO Ropaxtime Charter Party. Current documentary activities at BIMCO. Refrigerated Transport: Developments and Future Trends. Who is he and can he really do that? – MCA/MAIB etc. investigations and powers, and how they are managed in a practical context. Wreck Removal Contracts & Operations. Heavy weather… commercial and legal realities. The OW Bunker Bankruptcy. Fear of loss. Mitigation through Rehabilitation. VDR & Collisions. “NORMAN ATLANTIC”: Claims handling in the context of the Athens Convention & EU Laws. Government intervention on ferry casualties. Salvage Demystified.

Oct 3/4

Elzenveld Hotel, Antwerp (Belgium)
[AON Risk Solutions, Rotterdam]

NSOCC 40th Session. Newbuilding risks. Common issues in shipbuilding contract disputes. GA – You couldn’t make it up!. Antwerp Maritime Academy - Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen: Navigation simulator. Off-spec bunkers, Practical problems, Legal issues. The role of CCTV in collection evidence on terminals & ships, Practical problems, Legal issues. Specific liability and compensation regimes for pollution damage - Speaking as a general rule…? Ro-Ro vessel external aerodynamics and consequences for cargo. Collision reconstruction and simulation.

Oct 9/11

MS CROWN SEAWAYS, Copenhagen-Oslo
[DFDS Seaways]

The Customer Journey. Protecting the bottom line. Battling Cargo Claimants in Germany – Oddities and Pitfalls. Reefer Cargo Claims. Autonomous vessel, cyber security and casualty response. The Fram Museum, Norwegian polar exploration. Autonomous vessel, insurance issues. Water Ballast Management Convention, practical implications. From tort to court: an overview of law and procedure on passenger injury and illness claims. "NORMAN ATLANTIC" - An Update.

Oct 8/9

Klaus K Hotel, Helsinki (Finland)
[Finnlines Oyj]

Heavy Weather Defences. Cargo securing in CTUs and securing of CTUs/cargo onboard. Athens Convention: Shipowners’ liabilities – start & finish?. Casualty workshop. NOMA: The Nordic Offshore & Maritime Association. Digitalisation. Panel discussion: The Hague-Visby Rules, the Nordic Code & the German Code – conflict and comparison. Andy Macrow - The West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) SA, retired as Chairman. Rune Dybedal - Rune Dybedal - The North of England P&I Association Limited, elected Chairman.

Oct 7/8

Novotel Hotel, Ipswich (United Kingdom)
[Birketts LLP]

Key Points for Defending Cargo Claims under English Law. Salvage Sale of Cargo. Everything you ever wanted to know about Liens.
Personal Injury Claims. Passenger Rights. Stowaways - Security Removal. Reefer Temperature Logs and Claims Following Shipment of Fruit & Vegetables in Temperature Controlled Trailers / Containers. Post-Harvest problems with Fruit & Vegetables. Port of Ipswich Operation.

Oct 10/12

“MS Color Magic” (Oslo-Kiel)
[Color Line. Sartori & Berger]

Division of liabilities between P&I clubs involving the IG pool and reinsurance. Whether land or sea transport laws will apply to multimodal transport. Overview and status on MIB / MCA UK and the similar in Denmark, MIB and Police. Ships arrests in Norway. The Stockholm agreement and other regulations applying to stability of ro-ro vessels. Crew fatalities during cargo operations. DEEE’s in the workplace.

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